The Best Spin Mop Ringer Bucket System by GreenDirect best quality products!!! 

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Purchase your Mop system here and get yours delivered to you! 

Greendirect Spin Mop Bucket System!

 I really like this hot color green and purple mop system that comes complete with a stainless steel lined ringer for the spin mop, detachable replacement mop heads, attachments for cleaning windows, a scrubbing brush head, a soap pump dispenser that detaches and fits in the top of the large handled/ wheeled bucket and an easy drainage spout so you’ll never have to lift the bucket! Just lift the lever on top of bucket and underneath the plug opens for easy drainage!! 

Comes with so many items all shipped to you from Greendirect to help you keep your home sparkly clean!

ENJOY A MESS-FREE CLEAN UP EVERY TIME: Whether you want to clean up big messes in offices and industrial settings or simply your everyday household spills, this complete spin mop and bucket system is the professional solution to sparkling clean floors! Perfect for hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, stone, granite, glass or even concrete floors, this deluxe mop and bucket cleaning system adds some magic to tidying up.

5 FREE BONUS GIFTS: Get a complete home cleaning set and never have to buy extensions or extra accessories again! This set includes: 1 extra long, extendable handle, 2 microfiber mop heads, 1 premium quality Chenille mop head for perfect window washing and 1 excellent scrub cleaning brush for those super stubborn stains.

REACH EVERY LAST SPOT OF DIRT: Equipped with a 56″ extendable handle, this deep cleaning microfiber mop head is designed to absorb all stubborn dirt, grime, hair and dust, while its flexible, 360 degree swivel head will pivot under furniture (bed, couch) and all those hard to reach places, so you can be sure your spaces are left immaculate clean, without straining your back. The bucket features 2 large wheels and a handle making it easy to move around.

WRING FAST AND EFFORTLESSLY: Why overexert your hands and wrists when you can have a spin mop that requires no hand wringing? This premium quality spin mop and bucket set boasts centrifugal dryer technology, which easily removes excess water from the mop head for effortless, hands-free wringing, every time. The stainless steel spin dry basket will withstand rust for years to come, while a convenient spout makes releasing dirty water effortless, without the need to lift the entire bucket.

* This product was received complimentary for honest review purposes* #mop #spinmop #home #cleanhomehappyhome

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Sterline Automatic Light-up Pepper Grinder!

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Check out BetterBasics Sterline Grinder

Buy Sterline Auto Light-up Pepper Grinder on Amazon! 

Whether you’re throwing a party or cooking dinner for the family, this electric grinder helps you become the master of the kitchen. You will dazzle guests with the state-of-the-art automatic spice grinder. When it comes to cooking the perfect meal, professional cooks know that the quality of your spices can make all the difference. This grinder’s air-tight chamber keeps your salt or pepper fresh and dry so you can be sure you’re getting the dining experience you deserve.

I fill the Sterline pepper grinder with peppercorns and I love the way the automatic Sterline Grinder lights up and grinds as invert this over food! This is definitely a fancy, useful addition to have on your countertop or at your next BBQ or dinner party! Wow your guests with this state of the art design and ease of use peppermill! Who doesn’t like fresh pepper! Makes your meal all the better when you add freshly ground pepper.  

Instantly Adjust Granule Size 

Turn the knob in the top of the grinder clockwise to adjust for fine granules and counterclockwise for coarse granules. Warning: Remove stainless-steel top before adjusting granule size. 

Get yours today on Amazon!
Check out the Sterline Grinder in action! 


Modern Style 

The sleek, stainless-steel design creates a modern atmosphere in any kitchen. Season your dishes with this professional quality grinder, to bring out the best flavors in your food. 
Blue LED Activation Light 

Tilt the spice mill upside down to activate the electric grinder. The blue light will illuminate on top of the grinder to indicate it’s working properly. 
Quick Refill 

Simply unscrew the transparent spice chamber and remove the stainless-steel top. Fill the chamber with either sea salt or peppercorns and you’re good to go. Fill up to 80% capacity to ensure best results. 
Ceramic Mechanism 

This grinder is made with high-quality ceramic gears so you have your grinder for years to come! The ceramic grinder breaks down black peppercorns and rock salt into fine or coarse granules, perfect for all your home cooking needs. 


Spices Just The Way You Want Them! 

Never choose between coarse and fine grinding mills again! Now you have the option of choosing both instantly. Simply turn the knob at the top of the device for either fine or coarse granules. 
Chef Quality Spice Grinding 

Whether you’re throwing a party or cooking dinner for the family, this professional electric grinder helps you become the master of the kitchen. Dazzle your guests with brilliant automatic spice grinding! 

I received this highly recommended product complimentary for my honest review* 

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Great Gamer Glasses! Computer and Gaming glasses to protect & enhance your digital experience!

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Get these Great Gamer Glasses while they last! 👓
Hey Gamers, listen up!

Are you one of the millions who like to play PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC? Do you sit in front of a computer or tablet all day for work or play? Do you know someone who does? 

Now You Can Enjoy Gaming or Computer Work Without Straining Your Eyes. 

Have you ever noticed having red, tired or dry eyes after being on your device or looking at a screen all day?

Well that’s where these glasses come in to play. They are designed to reduce your eyes strain and actually enhance your visuals for gameplay and computer work by enhancing contrast and toning the bright digital light that causes the strain, headaches,dry eyes and redness.  

 This pair of vision safety glasses is what you are looking for!

Welcome endless gaming moments!

I’ve seen these upwards of 70.00 dollars a pop. Now you can own a pair right now for as little as $14.99 for a limited time!

Computer 💻 Gamer 👓 Glasses!!
Fast Amazon shipping! 

Start enhancing your gaming experience and protecting your eyes today!

My husband is a gamer. He enjoys hours of PlayStation gaming sports like Madden,NBA 2K , soccer & baseball. He is really enjoying these glasses! They actually change the way the screen appears and you can instantly see and feel the difference in your eyes. 

Protect Your Eyes & Ameliorate Gaming Performances With A Pair Of GG&G Computer Glasses!
One of the greatest things about these safety glasses, besides their excellent craftsmanship and perfect fitting properties, is their great eye protection!
Put them on today and alleviate issues associated with digital eye strain, visual stress, artificial blue light, and fatigue.
Enjoy your games like never before and protect your eyes at the same time. Their ergonomic design makes them suitable for anyone. Unisex design. 
No distortion, no screen glare, no harmful rays and eye itchiness from now on.
Here’s Why These Computer Reading Glasses Are Right For You:
• Premium quality tinted yellow lens and black flexible frame.

• Increase humidity levels, restore moisture, decrease fatigue and alleviate pain, redness and itchiness.

• For surfing the net, computer desk reading, playing games on tablet or consoles, and working under fluorescent lights.

• Ergonomic safety glasses with comfortable fit! Great for long term use.

• Sharp and better vision, ameliorated clarity and enhanced gaming experiences!

• Anti-glare glasses in a beautiful GREAT GAMER GLASSES case! 

Why wait? Get yours today, while supplies last! Buy here! Great Gamer Glasses on Amazon!

#antiglareglasses #computerglasses #readerglasses

*I received this product complimentary for my honest review*

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Tastmate Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shakers, Water Droplets Design Set

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Get these very stylish, fantastic stainless steel, beautiful salt & pepper shaker set for your table, bar, breakfast nook, outdoor patio, RV or wherever you need to make a culinary statement! 

Shiny, smooth and stylish. Comes in a handy metal caddy with a knob handle. Great presentation on your counter or table.  Very modern. Goes with stainless accessories and silverware perfectly! 

So unique! I love them! 

This is a picture at home of my own new Tastmate salt & pepper shakers alongside a few of my other stainless steel kitchen accessories. They go very well together I’d think. Wouldn’t you agree? :-).  Buy them here! Tastmate Salt & Pepper Shaker Set! 

* I received these tastmate accessories complimentary or at a discount for my honest review.*

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Buy Jadience here!
Jadience bath soak isn’t just any bath soak or bubble bath. It’s not a bubble bath at all as it doesn’t have a lathering effect. It’s like a bath oil in consistency when poured yet isn’t oily (if that makes any sense). This detoxifying body soak not only does it smell invigorating, but it is jam packed full of ancient herbal ingredients that are known to enable Chi (energy) throughout your body. This soak claims to have detoxifying effects on your body, organs and senses! I’ve been using Jadience in late evening to relax my body before bed. I use just a few ounces in my very warm bath water. It does not foam and has a very nice herbal scent that you just sit back and inhale while soaking your daily worries away. 🛀🏻 ahhh…💆🏼😌

* Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

Best in advanced herbal technologies. This revolutionary bath soak is a combination of modern science & ancient herbal wisdom. This 20 minute treatment consists of powerful East Asian herbs, including Burdock root, Ledebouriella & Moutan. These herbs have been known throughout the centuries to detoxify & relax muscles enabling the proper flow of chi throughout the body. Feel the difference for yourself! 

Check out the ingredients! 

Try Jadience for yourself 

*I received this product complimentary for my unbiased experience and review all opinions are all my own*

<a href=”; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a> Personalized Custom mugs and giftware! 

Need a wonderful personalized gift idea for a new Graduate?  For Mothers and Father’s Day? Birthdays?

Use code MELISSA at checkout for $10.00 off your order!!!! Custom gifts at 5AMILY.COM!!

Don’t forget to use your discount code!

At 5AMILY.COM you can find coffee mugs, tees, sweatshirts , totes , phone cases and more ready to custom to any name or even their unique profession or hobby!








Scouts, groups, reunions, family get togethers, you name it! You can custom gifts for anyone & they are absolutely fast and high quality!

Check out my new coffee mug from 5AMILY.COM 

Definitely check out if you enjoy personalized gifts and tees! Don’t forget to use promo code MELISSA at checkout for 10 off!!!

I received my ever so awesome personalized printed Melissa (my name) coffee mug and I absolutely love it!  It describes me too well …with me, it is definitely a Melissa thing and I’m pretty sure people are always trying to figure me out 👽… Haha.

I will totally be ordering something for my loved ones soon after seeing the high quality that was put into this item!

They have many, many other really cool gifts to choose from! Just enter your name personalization and they’ll create it! And they create it very well! This was printed with my choice of name and there’s a protective glaze over the entire mug and print so it is not something that can be peeled washed or scratched off. Such craftsmanship and high quality! They ship fast and package your gift with such delicate care so it arrives perfect for you! My mug delivered via USPS & was packaged in a very protected styrofoam encased cube so to prevent damage during shipping. 

Buy it here! Onesies for a cute baby shower or new baby gift! Awe! I love it!

Hoodies and tee shirts! Canvas bags, mugs and more!!!

Don’t forget!!! Coupon code MELISSA for 10 off your order!! Get it now!

* I received a complimentary gift for my honest review purposes*

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Areta 10 Parameter (10SG) Urinalysis Test,50 Tests

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As a Medical Assistant, I approve of these urinalysis test strips authenticity and medical accuracy. 

Areta 10 parameter urinalysis test strips
These high grade Medical office urine dip test strips accurately screens for Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, and Glucose so you can efficiently document your patients levels.

This test can help screen for: diabetes, liver diseases, hemolytic diseases, urogenital, kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, carbohydrate metabolism (e.g. diabetes mellitus), liver function, acid-base balance and urine concentration.

Results are valid for up to 2 minutes after dip. 

Test strips good for 3 months after opening. 

Expiration date depends on batch. Be assured that you will get fresh testing supplies. 

FDA approved 

Easy to understand test strips and results panel

Quick results in only a few seconds

You can also use to screen at home so to reduce the number of doctor visits by testing yourself

50 Test strips per bottle

*I received these test strips complimentary for review purposes*

Sponsored #urinalysistest

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Jewelry In Style! Unique Two Tier Jewelry Tree, Jewelry Display! 

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Perfect gift for the jewelry lover in your life! Comes boxed so beautifully and ready to gift! 🎁 

Get this black iron made jewelry tree organizer display for your dresser or armoire! Buy here on Amazon!👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

Here below are photos of the actual box and jewelry tree that I had received! 

Perfect for gifting!

 This jewelry holder I gave to my oldest daughter. She has many little necklaces and they tend to get tangled up in her jewelry box so getting her a jewelry tree of her own has been on the agenda!

I already have one and love it. So now she gets to display her jewelry just like mommy! 😊

Holds necklaces, bracelets and 💍 rings! Beautiful display for a few of your everyday pretties so you don’t have to pack them away in your jewelry box. 
Also great for a quick, temporary place to set your wedding and engagement rings! You know when we need to take them off to shower instead of setting them on the side of the sink or dresser where they can be easily knocked off! 

*I received this product deeply discounted for an honest review* #sponsored #jewelrytree

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Gorgeous, Personalized & Anything But Simple Decals at 

I know we’ve all seen them, wall decals. They’ve become a home decor fad over the past few years but what you get from The Simple Stencil™ is NOT your average decal. 

Customize your monogram here at 

Look below for a promo code you can use for 20% off your order👍🏻
One of my favorite choices are the monogrammed, custom decals that you can create in your choice of lettering, colors,size and you even get to see it all on a simulated color of your walls at home! This way you can be confident that you are choosing the absolute most perfect color scheme for your decor! 

Place on a wall in your foyer! In your dining area! Your family room! Use it for receptions & weddings! Showers! Makes a FABULOUS wedding or anniversary gift 🎁🤵🏼👰🏼! Buy it for your home just to display! Make your home a little more personal & fanciful with one of these elegant, custom, timeless monograms. 🍃

From The Simple Stencil™ you’ll always get free gifts with EVERY ORDER!! 

A free sample word, a free “hello” decal that is such a nice touch near an entrance, and a free professional tool if your order is over 75.00!! Plus free shipping at 75.00 or more!! Anything under is a flat rate 5.00! 

But right now there’s a promotion going on for 20% off your entire order if you use code LOVEIN2017 before FEB. 1st!! 

Or a 15% off promo if you use code FACEBOOK15 

There’s so many choices of custom decals! Baby and child’s room monograms! Car window custom decals! Beautiful birch tree and symbols! Love and romantic name decals! Please check this website out! They will not disappoint!! 

Perfect couples name possibly for a bedroom. 

Quotes and gorgeous naturescapes! I think the trees would look marvelous in white given you have a darker wall color! You choose the colors and size and they create it! 

Memorial vehicle decals. Customizable. 🦅🍂🍁

You can check them out at The Simple Stencil ™ 👈🏻

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InstaNaturals Glycolic cleanser! Perfect anti-aging cleanser to perfect your skin care regimen! 

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I am really loving the skincare line from InstaNaturals. InstaNaturals line of products have been featured in SELF Magazine, on, People Style and Harpers BAZAAR to name a few.  There’s many quality, top of the line haircare and skincare choices to choose from. Do not hesitate to check them out. Inexpensive plus discounts make this a deal you simply shouldn’t pass up. 
20% Off when you spend $50 or more. Use promo code JANUARY20 at checkout Shop Now right here!!! 

I’ve first hand tried this amazing glycolic cleanser, the fabulous glycolic peel ( you need to check that out because it is up there in amazingness as brands such as jessners… I mean you need to try this at home peel!!) also I’m using the InstaNaturals vitamin C serum and I’m really impressed! I’m a 38 year old mom who drinks boatloads of caffeine and still  I have to care about my skin…more now than ever! Not giving up my double espresso shots, my occasional glasses of vino or my Starbucks indulgence which can wreak havoc on our complexions because ummm..that’s just simply not happening 💁🏼🙅🏼☕️😎. 

 This line tells me that “you truly don’t have to look 38, darling! 😉” 

Now here’s a little explanation on the effect of glycolic acid on the skin!!

The deep cleansing Glycolic Cleanser uses the exfoliating benefits of Glycolic Acid to break down dulling build up, helping to soften and brighten the skin. Infused with natural calming extracts and collagen supporting Arginine, this cleanser helps reduce the appearance of pores, signs of aging, and discoloration.

Yep!! Abolish those pores gorgeous!!!😎 
Glycolic Acid removes pore clogging skin cells that can cause skin to breakout

See! It gets that gunk out! Yay glycolic acid!!😘

Arginine supports the production of collagen, which helps the skin appear firmer and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Plumping those little lines! 💁🏼

Exfoliating ingredients increase cell turnover, helping to slough away dulling skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration

Scrubs the dull right outta there!!! Exposing new, youthful skin!!😍

Soothing extracts provide antioxidant support to guard skin against irritation and daily aggressors

Gentle cleansers remove excess oil and debris without stripping or drying the skin! 

Your left with healthier, vibrant skin!! What are we waiting for!?! Start your regimen today! You only get one skin, pamper it! 

* I received InstaNaturals products complimentary for review purposes and all reviews are unbiased and of my own accord*
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