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The emoji has taken over! 

This fad has boomed all over and now there’s even a movie too. 

We text emojis, kids have them on their school supplies, we wear them and now decorate with them! 

🌈💩 this is a silly and cute emoji pillow set to add to your fun emoji collection!  

Bright and soft and ships super fast from Amazon. Would make a good, fun gift for kids and dorm rooms!  Buy this set on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073P5VJNK

My girls love these cute and silly emoji set that ships together of two different sized rainbow, tongue out emoji pillows. One bigger and one smaller! 

Check them out! Poop rainbow emoji pillows!

Liven up that room or space with Rainbow “unicorn poop” pillows! Haha! Silly


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