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Get this awesome blackhead and blemish removal kit Epique Beauty on Amazon

Everything you need to do an at home extraction of clogged pores! No need to schedule an expensive trip to see an esthetician! You can do this at home, on clean skin and wash for facial skin gently after use, and wash and dry your tools before storing them safely and perfectly organized away in the included zipper carrying bag! 

Get this here Epique Beauty on Amazon!

Everyone should have one of these kits! Helps clear blemishes faster by safely extracting the infection. Never having to touch the delicate skin with your hands… never squeeze your blemishes with your fingers or nails!! No matter how tempting it can be! Not sanitary and it can cause scarring and bigger problems. These are the same tools used in trained esthetician offices and spas. 

Quality metal tools and a variety for what you may need! 

*I received Epique beauty products at a discount for my honest opinion. #sponsored 

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