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Gorgeous 18k white gold earrings!!! Cubic zirconia stones so no worry stones! Perfect everyday fashion accessory mommas! 

But these gorgeous earrings here!
Looking for a nice, earring pair for an active lifestyle? Get these and wear them while you workout, do work, whatever you do because you won’t have to worry about the stones. They’re inexpensive but yet still shiny and beautiful. Completely set in 18 karat white gold! Allergy free and you can sweat in these and be free of any irritation if your prone like me! I’ve been wearing a pair ( I have 2 pair) wearing them for about a week and no irritation. So yay they pass that test! Great for everyday wear! Who wants to worry about losing your diamonds everyday?? Not me. Been there done that and that devastates me. Wear these, lose one.  No big deal. :-). http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MZ2GLLK #earrings #jewelry #girlystuff #sparklebaby #dontletanyonedullyoursparkle #dontworryaboutthestones #stressfreejewelry #beautifulthings #inexpensive #luvamiearrings #sweet #ad #sponsored #18karat #nickelfree #shinebright

<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOMd68c52202765f9ed308f36d826bfbffb&#8221; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>


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