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This pack of 100 shimmer, elastic , multicolor pack of ponytail hair ties is exactly what I needed with having three daughters! Never run out of a hair ties again! Why buy a pack of 3 or 4 when you can get a whole bag of colors to coordinate with any outfit every day of the week?! Great value!

Buy 100 pack of Hair ponytail holders hair ties! 


Ebeauty Hair Ties Colorful Ribbon Hair Bands Girl Hair Accessories, 100 Count of Assorted Colors !
Product Parameter 

– Material: plastic & ribbon 

– Quantity: 100 pcs 

– Color: 15 assorted colors 
Product Features 

– A large number of quantity: 100 pcs in different colors. 

– Colorful: 15 different assorted colors. 

– High elastic and hold hair tightly. 

– Gentle on your hair: made of stretchy and soft material, won’t pinch, snag, pull or break off your hair. 

– Wide application: not only used to hold ponytail, but also used as bracelet and wrist bands.

I received this product at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

 #spon #hair http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5XGVH3

<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOM6e5c8ebdee8ae15224560440ee6abd6c&#8221; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>


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