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Purchase your Mop system here and get yours delivered to you! 

Greendirect Spin Mop Bucket System!

 I really like this hot color green and purple mop system that comes complete with a stainless steel lined ringer for the spin mop, detachable replacement mop heads, attachments for cleaning windows, a scrubbing brush head, a soap pump dispenser that detaches and fits in the top of the large handled/ wheeled bucket and an easy drainage spout so you’ll never have to lift the bucket! Just lift the lever on top of bucket and underneath the plug opens for easy drainage!! 

Comes with so many items all shipped to you from Greendirect to help you keep your home sparkly clean!

ENJOY A MESS-FREE CLEAN UP EVERY TIME: Whether you want to clean up big messes in offices and industrial settings or simply your everyday household spills, this complete spin mop and bucket system is the professional solution to sparkling clean floors! Perfect for hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, stone, granite, glass or even concrete floors, this deluxe mop and bucket cleaning system adds some magic to tidying up.

5 FREE BONUS GIFTS: Get a complete home cleaning set and never have to buy extensions or extra accessories again! This set includes: 1 extra long, extendable handle, 2 microfiber mop heads, 1 premium quality Chenille mop head for perfect window washing and 1 excellent scrub cleaning brush for those super stubborn stains.

REACH EVERY LAST SPOT OF DIRT: Equipped with a 56″ extendable handle, this deep cleaning microfiber mop head is designed to absorb all stubborn dirt, grime, hair and dust, while its flexible, 360 degree swivel head will pivot under furniture (bed, couch) and all those hard to reach places, so you can be sure your spaces are left immaculate clean, without straining your back. The bucket features 2 large wheels and a handle making it easy to move around.

WRING FAST AND EFFORTLESSLY: Why overexert your hands and wrists when you can have a spin mop that requires no hand wringing? This premium quality spin mop and bucket set boasts centrifugal dryer technology, which easily removes excess water from the mop head for effortless, hands-free wringing, every time. The stainless steel spin dry basket will withstand rust for years to come, while a convenient spout makes releasing dirty water effortless, without the need to lift the entire bucket.

* This product was received complimentary for honest review purposes* 

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