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Check out BetterBasics Sterline Grinder

Buy Sterline Auto Light-up Pepper Grinder on Amazon! 

Whether you’re throwing a party or cooking dinner for the family, this electric grinder helps you become the master of the kitchen. You will dazzle guests with the state-of-the-art automatic spice grinder. When it comes to cooking the perfect meal, professional cooks know that the quality of your spices can make all the difference. This grinder’s air-tight chamber keeps your salt or pepper fresh and dry so you can be sure you’re getting the dining experience you deserve.

I fill the Sterline pepper grinder with peppercorns and I love the way the automatic Sterline Grinder lights up and grinds as invert this over food! This is definitely a fancy, useful addition to have on your countertop or at your next BBQ or dinner party! Wow your guests with this state of the art design and ease of use peppermill! Who doesn’t like fresh pepper! Makes your meal all the better when you add freshly ground pepper.  

Instantly Adjust Granule Size 

Turn the knob in the top of the grinder clockwise to adjust for fine granules and counterclockwise for coarse granules. Warning: Remove stainless-steel top before adjusting granule size. 

Get yours today on Amazon!
Check out the Sterline Grinder in action! 


Modern Style 

The sleek, stainless-steel design creates a modern atmosphere in any kitchen. Season your dishes with this professional quality grinder, to bring out the best flavors in your food. 
Blue LED Activation Light 

Tilt the spice mill upside down to activate the electric grinder. The blue light will illuminate on top of the grinder to indicate it’s working properly. 
Quick Refill 

Simply unscrew the transparent spice chamber and remove the stainless-steel top. Fill the chamber with either sea salt or peppercorns and you’re good to go. Fill up to 80% capacity to ensure best results. 
Ceramic Mechanism 

This grinder is made with high-quality ceramic gears so you have your grinder for years to come! The ceramic grinder breaks down black peppercorns and rock salt into fine or coarse granules, perfect for all your home cooking needs. 


Spices Just The Way You Want Them! 

Never choose between coarse and fine grinding mills again! Now you have the option of choosing both instantly. Simply turn the knob at the top of the device for either fine or coarse granules. 
Chef Quality Spice Grinding 

Whether you’re throwing a party or cooking dinner for the family, this professional electric grinder helps you become the master of the kitchen. Dazzle your guests with brilliant automatic spice grinding! 

I received this highly recommended product complimentary for my honest review* 

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