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Jadience bath soak isn’t just any bath soak or bubble bath. It’s not a bubble bath at all as it doesn’t have a lathering effect. It’s like a bath oil in consistency when poured yet isn’t oily (if that makes any sense). This detoxifying body soak not only does it smell invigorating, but it is jam packed full of ancient herbal ingredients that are known to enable Chi (energy) throughout your body. This soak claims to have detoxifying effects on your body, organs and senses! I’ve been using Jadience in late evening to relax my body before bed. I use just a few ounces in my very warm bath water. It does not foam and has a very nice herbal scent that you just sit back and inhale while soaking your daily worries away. 🛀🏻 ahhh…💆🏼😌

* Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

Best in advanced herbal technologies. This revolutionary bath soak is a combination of modern science & ancient herbal wisdom. This 20 minute treatment consists of powerful East Asian herbs, including Burdock root, Ledebouriella & Moutan. These herbs have been known throughout the centuries to detoxify & relax muscles enabling the proper flow of chi throughout the body. Feel the difference for yourself! 

Check out the ingredients! 

Try Jadience for yourself 

*I received this product complimentary for my unbiased experience and review all opinions are all my own*

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