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Fancy, shmancy dog and cat collars for your favorite furry little friend! I love our cats pretty, fancy little kitty necklace… ahem I mean,collar. It’s like jewelry for the four legged ones! Jewelry that naturally repels pests from your fuzzy sweetie! 🐩🐈🐾

I use it on my big 11 year old cat 🐱 and he’s just that much cooler of a cat now 😺😻

We love our pets as much as you do and know the frustration of dealing with fleas on a cat or how stressful finding a tick on a dog can be. Protecting your pet from parasites is an important part of responsible care but millions of people are doing it wrong and unknowingly harm their pets’ health using chemical collars, spot-on pesticide products and medicine.
You can prevent ticks and fleas from attacking your beloved without resorting to toxic chemicals! Natural unpolished amber releases repellent aromatic terpenes and generates static electricity that prevents insects from clinging onto your pet’s fur.
Hand-made from raw Baltic amber, our pet necklace is safe for humans and animals, with no secondary effects on your pet, family or home. Can be used for all pets, even if they are young, allergic, pregnant or nursing. We hope you will love it!
We kindly ask you to measure your pet’s neck accurately before ordering. For the best fit you should allow for a finger or two between the collar and the neck. The necklace has to fit tightly around your pet’s neck, but not interfere with breathing. If in doubt, order larger size! 

Buy on AmberCrown.com 
Get a 10% off your order discount when you sign up on the site! 

:I received this product complimentary for an unbiased and honest review:


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