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I’ve been using this Volmate solar security light outside on the side of our pool storage shed which is in a far back corner of our backyard. This has been used and working properly in all elements for well over a year.

 That’s here in Ohio, where the winters get treacherous and temperatures dip into the below zeros, brrr. Rain storms,wind, hot humid summers etc. & still works! Still comes on at night even if the cat wanders back there in the dark.. it pops right on!  One of my favorite and very useful products to have reviewed. It works and a year later still working just fine! Easy to install because there’s nothing to it! Made of a protective coated metal and hard plastics. You can buy it on amazon. #solarlight #spon  #solar #motionlight Buy it here on Amazon/ Solar Motion Light 

:I received this product complimentary for my unbiased and honest review: I tested the product over the course of a year and 3 months before writing this review: 😊

<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOM708f43ee67bc633cf83ca325fcdd090e&#8221; rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>


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