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This here is a pretty snazzy hat! And who says so is this kid right here, my 3 year old darling Daughter. 

I never thought she’d take to this hat set like she did, but she did! 

She loves it. She just prances around and her little inner cowgirl is out! No suppressing it! She says ” Mommy, Daddy, I’m a cowgirl!!!” 

Ok honey. 

I’d have to say it’s a great set. You get the hat and the adorable matching bandana! 

Buy it on Amazon! 😃

Cowgirl hat!
Quality Child Cowboy Costume Hat With *FREE* Cotton Paisley Bandanna – Child Pink Cowgirl Hat with Cotton Pink Paisley Bandana! 

Child Cowboy Hat and Bandana is a Great for dress up and role play

Happy and Fun costume accessory

Hat is 100% Polyester Felt and Paisley Bandanna is 100% Cotton

Your little cowgirl will look great in this pink cowboy hat with bandana!

Affordable Halloween or Year Round dress up!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review for review purposes* 

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