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Shower Curtain Rings!
I changed out some old lighthouse hooks I’ve had forever. They would fall off and get stuck at the joint on my nickel shower rod. I had to fish for these on the regular and the metal started to tarnish too. I seen these hooks actually in a home ad in high end bathrooms and I thought well that’s interesting, so I got to get a set for review purposes and I was stoked! Yeahhhh! 

I love rolling my shower curtain, glides easy and smooth. No more screeching and projectile hooks! 

Also, NO MORE RUSTY SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS! You know how that bathroom moisture is, ugh. 

    • Are you sick of pulling the curtains and find it stuck and then they pop off falling into the shower or across the bathroom?
    • Are your common metal rings starting to rust and look like an old ancient artifact?

    • Are you looking for rustproof, simple and easy to install shower curtain hooks that cannot be pulled off and glide with ball bearing ease? 
Introducing to You the Nikkouware Shower Curtain Hooks to the Rescue!

    • GUARANTEE Rustproof & Corrosion Resistant
    • 5 non friction free- roller ball for 

gliding action


    • Simple & attractive deco for modern bathrooms of today! 
    • Suitable even for the hottest & steamiest environment
    • Easy DIY installation


I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review* 

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