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My husband shaves while standing in the shower therefore he needs a good mirror. We’ve been through a few shower mirrors over the years of our wonderfully wedded bliss that just don’t make the cut. 

They fog, they lose suction and fall on your toes, they are too small or they even begin to rust! 

Eww at finding rust! Yeah. 

Well not this mirror! It’s large enough and its lightweight! No metal! And it’s an oval, you know for a face…. I can’t understand the tiny square ones we’ve had. We’re not minecraft characters….

Sooooo this one wins in my house. I meani can now even use it in there! You know for using the facial scrubs, washing a mud mask off and even rinsing out hair dyes! 

Gals can indeed use mirrors in the shower too! Now I can use this one too since it’s a large enough oval and my hubby is a grand 6 foot 2 while I stand at a petite 5 ft 4. I can’t wear heels in the shower…. Well I could but they just won’t go with shower attire so…. No. 

Great it is! Get one or five! 

Cassani Shower Mirror!
Fogless Shower Mirror – EASY INSTALL – SHATTER PROOF – Includes Razor Hook – Modern – Anti-Fog Nanotechnology – Exclusive To Amazon  

I received this mirror free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review* 

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