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So I received my bottle of verydirtycarpets stain remover conveniently the day after my 7 year old began a nasty back to school germy stomach flu that sparked a ton of sudden projectile vomiting on my microfiber sectional cushions & my very light colored portions of my room sized decorative area rug. Ugh! Poor kiddo & poor mom (me) having to clean the many dark pukey hues & colors plus that yucky smell out of my home by hand lol. Fun fun!


Anyways, I first wiped up the chunky yuck with paper towels and then sprayed vigorously into each spot and left it on for about 15 mins. Come back and blotted and blotted and the pukey dreadful colored spots and yucky smell went on its merry way! Gone! Yay! I received this carpet stain remover in exchange for my honest and unbiased review at the most perfect time I must say that it was meant to be!

BIG 32 Oz. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Spot & Stain Remover Spray By VeryDirtyCarpets Free Stain Removal Guide. Best Concentrated Carpet Cleaner Product For Home Use Pet Stains & Very Dirty Carpets 

Buy it below on Amazon!

VeryDirtyCarpets Stain Remover!
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