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This is a large sized Hair Spa Towel that Is fabulously soft and fabulously amazing at wicking away water from your hair. The resulting effect is drier hair faster without the overuse of heat tools like hairdryers that destroy our hair when used over and over. 

This magnificent hair towel is made of a fine microfiber & stitched very carefully on the edges so that it shows its quality for years to come. 

This Towel by Luxe is a towel you would see and use in your nice relaxing spa, getting a facial and a deep condition with your latte in hand. 

You can buy these and have that spa experience in your own home! 

This Luxe Beauty Essentials Plush Microfiber Hair Towel is made from double sided brushed terry making it incrediby soft, gentle on hair, yet super absorbent.

Remember, using this Beauty Luxe Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel means less time drying hair with damaging hair styling tools

Deluxe Size 19 x 39 inches is large enough for long thick hair.

Fall is here, so save your hair from damaging dryers like I mentioned before, drastically reduce the time needed to dry your hair with this Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel.

Buy this at the link below😻⭐️

Luxe Beauty Essentials Hair Towel
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 
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