Summertime means hectic funtimes when we’re not working our butts off of course. Going to the beach, going to amusement parks, picnics & bbqs, drive ins ( if you’re lucky enough to live nearby one of those like we are 😎).

These hectic funtimes mean there’s gonna be some messy times as well. Some rank restrooms without toilet tissue, lacking paper towels, mosquito bites, ice cream dribble, you name it. Always at the most imperfect time too.
I like to pack Cottenelle Cleansing cloths along for our family shenanigans. They’re so convenient and perfectly moist for that little emergency. They smell fabulously fresh too. That’s a plus to me. I have a thing for smell goodies. 

Anyways, wipe those bbq fingers, those Popsicle mouths, camping, for when your fishing out on your boat, even those darn mascara raccoon eye meltdowns. These are always the way to go. Great for top to bottom, grandmas & grandpas & toddlers! Pack these away and you’re ready for it all!  

I had the pleasure of testing these awesomely fresh flushable cleansing cloths on my family through  Crowdtap!


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