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Not a bad supplement! They leave a mild raspberry aftertaste which is ok with me. I like raspberries and it lets me know the ingredient is pure. 

Check out the benefits! 

✦THE “KEY” TO YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS -By adding Fresh Healthcare’s Pure Raspberry Ketones to your healthy living habits, you’ll be taking your vitality and energy to the next level while helping to shrink fat cells, and boost your metabolism! They claim to be  pure, potent, and of the highest strength on the market at 1000mg per serving!

✦QUICK WEIGHT LOSS WITH ADIPONECTIN -This is the machine that does the job. It’s a protein found in high levels in the bodies of the fitness minded, and is increased through the use of ketones. By secreting this protein, your body is tricked into reducing fat cells without any undue side effects! All this sealed neatly in a gluten free vegetarian capsule.

✦NATURE’S FUEL -Their ketones are naturally infused with free radical fighting antioxidants that not only help improve vitality levels, but help improve mood, energy, and a myriad of other benefits! The antioxidant strength comes directly from purity. ONLY 100% pure raspberry ketones in each and every capsule, guaranteed!

✦CURB YOUR CRAVINGS -It’s even been found that their remarkable ketones help suppress your appetite as well. Encourage your body to eat less while burning fat and enjoying that little “extra” in your step from indulging upon natural energy! Who doesn’t want that?

✦THE GUARANTEED DIFFERENCE -We know they sell one of the most quality blends of Raspberry Ketones on the market today, but they want you to discover that for yourself, risk free! For a full 60 days from your purchase, you’ll be completely covered by a hassle free guarantee. If the product just isn’t for you, send it back our way for a full refund!

Get it before it’s gone! 


Pure Raspberry Ketones Max 1000mg Per Serving ✮ Powerful Weight Loss Supplement ✮ Shrinks Fat Cells & Provides Energy Boost w/ Our Vegan Friendly Formula ✮ 60 Capsules by Fresh Healthcare https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010NOIAWM/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_kn01vbJ7A32S5

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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