Okay so I received my first vox box courtesy of Influenster. In this little box was a travel sized , yet generous tube of a product I’ve never considered using before.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!

I’ve seen this product in stores. But honestly I never was curious to try it. I always thought this was something for a more mature crowd of legs or something like that.

Something that I had figured I would just rather cross that old bridge when I get there and I’m not running there as of yet. Lol

But here I have been given the chance to try this and the claims are pretty enticing. Reading this little tube of awesomeness made my 30 something year old self kind of curious.

Here’s a little hurried unboxing of the vox box video.  Sorry the lighting is just terrible. I could’ve done this WAY better. But you get the idea..

So after showering, drying off & putting on a pair of shorts, Ive decided to dive into this product. It goes on amazing. It covers easily, streakless, and is sheer yet covers! It’s unreal! Legs actually look sunkissed and airbrushed. Not painted as I feared for such a product.

I was pleasantly surprised! It dries and absorbs easy, isn’t greasy. Oh and it’s waterproof too! Perfection!



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