Okay! I received my first Glam Bag! 

This bag is customized just for you personally. When you sign up, you are asked a series of questions. They basically tailor your bag just for your likes and needs! You can go back in and change your Ipsy profile at anytime too. 

For 10.00 per month you are sent a surprise bag of glamourous makeup & beauty items worth WAY more than paid. So this is a great thing & it’s something to look forward to might I add! 

Who doesn’t like a surprise present of beautifulness in your mailbox every month?! 

Not me!! Haha! 

Ok, well here’s my review on what I got this month…( Remember, what I get, may not be what you’ll get! They are individually tailored for you!)

So here goes! 

1st is Tarte: Park ave. princess Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer. 

This is a pricey item in stores such as Sephora & Ulta. This is worth this bag alone. The pictures flash makes this appear lighter than actual pallete. It is a nice bronze w a glow shimmer. But not too bronzey! It’s the right hue. I like this! This is great for summer and if you’ll be visiting the beach or pool! Heck it’s waterproof! Isn’t that special! 


Second goodie:  


Classico EDP roller ball 8.8 ml

Mmmm. This isn’t a usual scent that id buy. And that may be good to get me out of my norm, to change up a bit. It’s nice. It smells so inviting after your pulse points soak this fresh parfum scent up and it emits a most calming feel good smell. It is like aromatherapy for your skin in a roller ball. I approve and I’m looking forward to wearing it! 

Third goodie:



nutrient dense anti- aging lip conditioner

Oh my G! This is the most perfect luxurious lip smoothing stick ever! 

I suffer from chronic chapped lips. I don’t care what season it is. If it’s the wind & cold in winter to the dry summer and tanning ugh. I am always chap sticking and praying and lip glossing! I don’t know if I unconsciously bite my lip or what? But it’s a thing. Anyways, this stick smells soooo fabulous! It freaking soaks in your lips, not settling and sliding off like other lip stuffs do. This is amazing. I will always cherish this. Thank you Ipsy for introducing me to this! 


Fourth goodieness:

 EYETINI swizzle stick eyeliner in

Blue Hawaiian 

Ok. I’m not a huge fan of shockingly different colored eyeliner. I love the thought of Hawaii. And I like this blue color. Just maybe rather in a blue drink IN Hawaii, in a fancy glass adorned with coconut & pineapples. Not on my eyes. 

I will have to experiment more with this. Hmm. 

Probably not my thing. 

Last but not least: Fifth goodie:


PINK lipstick

This lipstick is in a NICE, not too bright. Not too boring pink. It has a nice shimmer and can I add its moisturizing! Yay! 

I can’t stand a dry lipstick that goes on like clay. It’s nice! And it smells good. Yes I said it smells nice! I notice this in lip cosmetics. Hey, you use it right under your nose! It should smell good! 

It’s a winner! 

And it all comes in a nice fabric, Ipsy, zippered cosmetics take along bag! 

Thanks Ipsy! I’m already excited to see what the next bag is like :-). 

Get your GLAM bag! 



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