I have to share my love for this rebate app called IBotta. This is tried and true to making extra money for buying everyday necessities. 

I’m reviewing this on my own, not paid for or sponsored. I just love a deal that is easy and uncomplicated and this my friends is just that! 

 I only began using IBotta after downloading it to my IPhone in April this year. I have so far transferred $138.00 to my Paypal account through IBotta alone and this isn’t including my other savings through apps and ecoupons. All you do is go to the app, pick the store you are going to shop at and browse items you are going to buy. These items range from any brand of items like ( any ice cream) or (any cereal) etc. to actual brands. You click the item and watch a short video ( a few sec ad) and/ or answer a multiple choice poll and voila! You unlock the item! Then go shop, redeem items and snap a quick pic of your reciept and send. The money adds up super fast and once reaching 10.00 ( sometimes in one shopping trip) you send to your PayPal right away! And it hits my paypal instantly, no wait! You can also send the balance to Venmo ( I haven’t tried Venmo myself) or redeem for gift cards like Amazon or Walmart just to name a few. I prefer PayPal. I like the instant cash. Use this app along with other money saving options like clipping coupons & apps such as Saving star and you will certainly rake in the savings!! 

Sign up for IBotta below, join and receive a bonus to start! Start saving ASAP! 🙂 


Below is just a few examples of stores I snapped a pic of that are available for some awesome rebates.

 No go have some saving fun with IBotta!! 🙂 😀🍒🍍🍎🍓🍕🍐🍏🌽🍌🌽🍆🍅🍪🍩🍧🍷🍺☕️🎁💰👛   


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