Omega 3 Supreme 1400 fish oil concentrate by Life & Food® #lifefood #review

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These are the perfect Omega 3 fish oil supplements. These don’t give you that fishy aftertaste that sometimes happens after popping fish oils ( yuck). These Omega 3’s didn’t irritate my tummy after not taking them with food ( Life & Food recommends that you take them with food, so be a good girl or boy & listen to them) lol.

I’m just naturally such a rebellion sometimes. But they didn’t make me feel icky.. WHICH IS AWESOME! 😀

These wonderful Omegas have many wonderful benefits!


Cardiovascular health!

Joint support! Yeah!

Cognitive support! What!!!😀

Maintain those cholesterol levels & circulation! Some studies even suggest that there is a proven link that EPA & DHA reduces inflammation from arthritis too!


Woah mama!

Buy these fast!! It’s never too soon! Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400 mg For Brain and Heart Health. MSC Certified +75% Omega-3s 1050 mg, 644/336, NON-GMO, NO Fish-Burps Improved Absorption | Molecular Distilled, Mercury/PCB/Toxin Free (180 ct)
I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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#GnomeWorkshop Lightning to USB IPhone/IPad cable fantastic! 

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Ok, life is busy. We have smartphones & most of us depend on them for everything. Banking, shopping, emails, keeping up with our families, many use them for work. We all NEED reliable charging devices to keep us connected. Well, I had to get yet another IPhone charger cable. I’m always buying them. 


These things are like disposable diapers. Give them too much…. Um… 

Well, you know.  

Anyways, Gnome Workshop has this Lightning Cable. It comes in a a nicely wrapped package, it is shipped to your doorstep super fast ( well, I know that I got mine lightning quick). 

It is a nice sturdy cord. It does not come with the charger box though. But I knew that already. It isn’t like one of those generic/ no name cheapie cables. I’m sure we’ve ALL bought those hoping they would work as good as the pricey ones while trying to get a deal, then finding out they don’t work after a week. This is a lightning cable, so it charges your phone quickly. No trickle charge here! 

I’m pleased with this charger cord. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Now I have a reliable cable without having to shell out over 20.00 for 1 Apple cable. 

Who wants to do that? Ugh. 
you can buy this on Amazon, here’s the link if you would like one!

(I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review)

Great charger for a great price! 🙂

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Elleda #HyaluronicAcid50xStrength Serum! 

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This is an excellent hyaluronic acid serum. This stuff plumps the skin so well I have stopped using my other moisturizers. U.S. This twice per day and a little goes a long way.

It absorbs very nicely and if you are a derma roller user, THIS IS your product to go to. I used this along with my derma roller once so far. I did not have the overly red areas on day two as normally after using. This has some sort of awesome molecular makeup that just envelops your skin!

It baby’s your skin in a light non sticky ( remember don’t use too much!) serum.

Buy it here!

(I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

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Ipsy Glam Bag: July 2015 #Ipsy #JulyGlamBag #tarte @ipsy #JorelParker #bellapierre #Eyetini #review #makeup #JerseyShoreSun

Okay! I received my first Glam Bag! 

This bag is customized just for you personally. When you sign up, you are asked a series of questions. They basically tailor your bag just for your likes and needs! You can go back in and change your Ipsy profile at anytime too. 

For 10.00 per month you are sent a surprise bag of glamourous makeup & beauty items worth WAY more than paid. So this is a great thing & it’s something to look forward to might I add! 

Who doesn’t like a surprise present of beautifulness in your mailbox every month?! 

Not me!! Haha! 

Ok, well here’s my review on what I got this month…( Remember, what I get, may not be what you’ll get! They are individually tailored for you!)

So here goes! 

1st is Tarte: Park ave. princess Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer. 

This is a pricey item in stores such as Sephora & Ulta. This is worth this bag alone. The pictures flash makes this appear lighter than actual pallete. It is a nice bronze w a glow shimmer. But not too bronzey! It’s the right hue. I like this! This is great for summer and if you’ll be visiting the beach or pool! Heck it’s waterproof! Isn’t that special! 


Second goodie:  


Classico EDP roller ball 8.8 ml

Mmmm. This isn’t a usual scent that id buy. And that may be good to get me out of my norm, to change up a bit. It’s nice. It smells so inviting after your pulse points soak this fresh parfum scent up and it emits a most calming feel good smell. It is like aromatherapy for your skin in a roller ball. I approve and I’m looking forward to wearing it! 

Third goodie:



nutrient dense anti- aging lip conditioner

Oh my G! This is the most perfect luxurious lip smoothing stick ever! 

I suffer from chronic chapped lips. I don’t care what season it is. If it’s the wind & cold in winter to the dry summer and tanning ugh. I am always chap sticking and praying and lip glossing! I don’t know if I unconsciously bite my lip or what? But it’s a thing. Anyways, this stick smells soooo fabulous! It freaking soaks in your lips, not settling and sliding off like other lip stuffs do. This is amazing. I will always cherish this. Thank you Ipsy for introducing me to this! 


Fourth goodieness:

 EYETINI swizzle stick eyeliner in

Blue Hawaiian 

Ok. I’m not a huge fan of shockingly different colored eyeliner. I love the thought of Hawaii. And I like this blue color. Just maybe rather in a blue drink IN Hawaii, in a fancy glass adorned with coconut & pineapples. Not on my eyes. 

I will have to experiment more with this. Hmm. 

Probably not my thing. 

Last but not least: Fifth goodie:


PINK lipstick

This lipstick is in a NICE, not too bright. Not too boring pink. It has a nice shimmer and can I add its moisturizing! Yay! 

I can’t stand a dry lipstick that goes on like clay. It’s nice! And it smells good. Yes I said it smells nice! I notice this in lip cosmetics. Hey, you use it right under your nose! It should smell good! 

It’s a winner! 

And it all comes in a nice fabric, Ipsy, zippered cosmetics take along bag! 

Thanks Ipsy! I’m already excited to see what the next bag is like :-). 

Get your GLAM bag!

 Life & Food® Garcinia Cambogia 85% HCA Reviewed! #lifefood #review

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I received this bottle of Garcinia Cambogia super fast! I ripped open the box, read the instructions & did not hesitate to go on this little adventure of testing this product.

Well I approve! And I mean this formula is much stronger at 85% HCA than a lesser formula I’ve tried in the past so I can see why. And this is a positive thing for sure!


Well for one, my appetite is decreased drastically and this is GREAT! I love anything that can do that. Safe things that do that of course. I mean, it’s tough, because I’m a mom and I’m a woman. Moms and women snack. We tend to crave things emotionally or because we give snacks to our kids and chat with our gal pals over food and junk like that. And I’m not even going to mention that girly time where ice cream and a chocolate bar w almonds are just… Well you know.

Anyways, this suppresses that urge somehow. AND it also seems to raise my mood. I mean I’m just more chipper! This stuff has the ability to raise your ” feel good” hormone serotonin! And I’m feeling that. Yes, the kids aren’t making me yell as much! No, they haven’t went back to school yet either. We all know summer vacation is THEIR VACATION.

So, what I’m saying is this great stuff claims to make you thin and happier safely. I’m not letting this stuff go because I like it! 2 thumbs up from this gal!  You can get your bottle at the link below:

85% HCA ENHANCED [★] Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supreme (Standardized) – Superior Grade All Natural Supplement For Weight Loss Improves Serotonin Levels | Zero Fillers, Binders and Artificial Ingredients (1 Bottle,120 Count)

I reviewed this product free of charge compliments of  Life & Food #lifefood company.

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IBotta Rebate for everyday shopping app! 

I have to share my love for this rebate app called IBotta. This is tried and true to making extra money for buying everyday necessities. 

I’m reviewing this on my own, not paid for or sponsored. I just love a deal that is easy and uncomplicated and this my friends is just that! 

 I only began using IBotta after downloading it to my IPhone in April this year. I have so far transferred $138.00 to my Paypal account through IBotta alone and this isn’t including my other savings through apps and ecoupons. All you do is go to the app, pick the store you are going to shop at and browse items you are going to buy. These items range from any brand of items like ( any ice cream) or (any cereal) etc. to actual brands. You click the item and watch a short video ( a few sec ad) and/ or answer a multiple choice poll and voila! You unlock the item! Then go shop, redeem items and snap a quick pic of your reciept and send. The money adds up super fast and once reaching 10.00 ( sometimes in one shopping trip) you send to your PayPal right away! And it hits my paypal instantly, no wait! You can also send the balance to Venmo ( I haven’t tried Venmo myself) or redeem for gift cards like Amazon or Walmart just to name a few. I prefer PayPal. I like the instant cash. Use this app along with other money saving options like clipping coupons & apps such as Saving star and you will certainly rake in the savings!! 

Sign up for IBotta below, join and receive a bonus to start! Start saving ASAP! 🙂

Below is just a few examples of stores I snapped a pic of that are available for some awesome rebates.

 No go have some saving fun with IBotta!! 🙂 😀🍒🍍🍎🍓🍕🍐🍏🌽🍌🌽🍆🍅🍪🍩🍧🍷🍺☕️🎁💰👛   

Walmart Summer Beauty Box! 

It’s finally here! Summer 2015

This box is better than the spring edition.

 1 full size Revlon lipstick in gladiolus w 1.00 off coupon. Kind of a bright hue, good for a night out, not a daytime color in my opinion. 

1 Neutrogena deluxe sample of hydro boost, a hyaluronic acid water gel, this intrigues me. 

1 Neutrogena healthy volume deluxe sample mascara in black. Yes please! 

Aveeno sunscreen lotion deluxe  sample. I need to use more so this is good. 

1 Dove deluxe sample go fresh mandarin body wash. Smells nice. 

1 clear brand deluxe sample anti dandruff shampoo. I luckily don’t experience dandruff so I’ll pass this one up. 

1 foilie packet sample (repeat from spring box) of garnier miracle sleeping cream. W 2.00 off coupon

1 set of loreal shampoo conditioner packets. I’ve had so many of these from everywhere this year… I like loreal though but I’m already very familiar. 

1 tiny Olay tone perfecting cream moisturizer. Very tiny sample. W a 3.00 off coupon so that’s pretty awesome when you catch a sale. 

I’d say pretty good for 5.00 shipped quarterly! 🙂

Walmarts spring 2015 Beauty Box

Finally come today since I signed up June 12th. Today is July 10th, I also have a summer box coming in a few days as well.
Finally come today since I signed up June 12th. Today is July 10th, I also have a summer box coming in a few days as well.
Nicely boxed!
Not bad, but not thrilled. It is only 5.00. I’ve seen better reviews for past boxes. A lot of sample foilies. Loreal shampoo & conditioner (which I’ve tried already many times) I like it. Palmers cocoa butter I do like. Palmers skin therapy oil for face is something I like as well. New to me is the Jergens BB Body cream. I like the light scent and absorbs nicely and makes skin soft and appear softer too, I’m happy about this sample. Lady Gaga parfum sample is not appealing to me. The scent is cheap in my opinion & I will be passing that along. There are a few coupons for palmers and a sample foilie of garnier miracle sleeping cream. Very small sample attached to a 2.00 off coupon. And last but not least, there is a bonus to my Spring box! A coupon for a free Dry spray full size deodorant from Unilever! Can’t complain for $5.00 quarterly! 🙂

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